About Us

The Rally Fund, created by sisters Sarah and Eleni Press, was launched in an effort to help as many people as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. While everyone is dealing with the negative effects of the outbreak, some people are suffering even more than others. Tens of thousands of Americans have been diagnosed with the illness, many of whom are fighting for their lives. Countless others have lost their jobs or are suffering tremendous financial hardships.

The Rally Fund will accelerate the projects of people who have big ideas for addressing these problems but may lack the resources necessary to get started. It offers 10 recipients $1000 awards, as well as access to advisors who can provide additional assistance and expertise. Ideal proposals will have creative approaches for making things better for as many people as possible.

The recipients won’t have to pay the money back, but they will need to communicate their progress and provide information regarding how the money is spent. Individuals of all ages in the United States are eligible to apply, and applicants are welcome to work with as many other people as they want.

This is a moment for dreaming big and acting bigger! It’s time to save the world, and nobody should have to do it alone.

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